Awara vs Loom & Leaf

Everyone loves a surprise unless it’s something about their mattress. That’s why it’s so important to do research on what you’re buying. Often with mattresses, you’re shopping for a bed that can last a lifetime. It’s not just about finding a quality product, it’s about finding the perfect mattress for you. Doing that can result in magic, the kind of magic that lets you get the exact sleep you’ve always dreamed of, night after night, forever.

This is an article that’ll take the surprises out of buying a mattress. It’s time to do the homework now so that you can come away with the bed that gets it right. That’s exactly why we’re showing you how Awara compares to the industry leaders for quality, materials, and (most importantly) sleepability. For this article, we thought we’d look at the Loom & Leaf by Saatva. We know you’re curious, and we’re here to answer those questions so that you can sleep right. Read on and discover how both of these mattresses compare in their design, latex material, sleep trial length, and more.

Awara Loom & Leaf
Pillowtop included
Sleep Trial 120 nights
Warranty 15 years
Sleeper type
Ready to Ship
Free Shipping Yes
Free Returns No
Setup / Removal Yes
Latex Process High-Density Memory Foam
Latex Layer Height 12” total
100% Organic Cotton No
Certified 100% Organic Wool fiber from New Zealand No
Hybrid Design No Hybrid
Total Height 12”
No Poly Foams No
No Toxic Chemicals Yes
Non chemical Fire Retardant SGS Certified Yes
Non Chemical Adhesive No
Water Based Alternatives No
Carbon Offset Program
Customer Service
Foam Construction
Euro Top No
Material Quality
Rainforest Alliance Certified Latex No
Indoor Air Quality
Sheets, pillows, 
mattress protector
Price (Queen) $1,499
  1. When returning a ZenHaven mattress you will be refunded the price of the mattress (if returned within trial period) minus the $99 handling cost, so technically returns are not completely free.
  2. Avocado and Brentwood make non-chemical FR claims on their respective websites, but do not specifically call-out or display SGS Cert.
  3. Avocado claims to anchor layers together using “hand-tufted rosettes”. They are clear that there are no chemical adhesives used in constructing their product, but they do not state that they do not use adhesives at all.
  4. Brentwood claims that their 100% organic cotton cover secures layers without the use of chemical adhesives

Our Difference

Hybrid Design

Hybrid designs are becoming extremely popular in the mattress world, and for good reason -- they offer the best comfort and support because of their combination of coil technology with a comfort layer made of soft latex material. Awara is a hybrid mattress, combining a premium individually-wrapped pocketed coil system along with natural, Rainforest Alliance certified latex. That means you're getting the perfect softness of memory foam to caress you, while still retaining the traditional support of a classic spring coil mattress. You can wake up every morning with your body feeling simultaneously cradled along its pressure points while also being supported in the lower back and shoulders, which are traditional problem areas.

Loom & Leaf, unfortunately, uses only memory foam. They do use four layers of premium latex but choose not to pair it with any sort of coil technology. That means that you could get the comfort, but the support may be lacking in comparison to a hybrid mattress like the Awara.


Awara spares no expense, using top quality materials for its latex layers. That means you’re sleeping on the most simple, natural, and chemical-free mattress possible. That’s better for the planet and better for you which is something important to think about as we try to move toward a more green planet. Having latex like this means that you’ll be able to sleep with a clean conscience and cleaner earth.

That’s not all. Awara uses natural and organic Dunlop latex because it’s durable and because it contours so well to your body. Awara’s Dunlop latex even helps you stay cool while you sleep! It’s remarkably comfy and its cushioning is great for relieving stress on aching bones. It’s also worth mentioning again that Dunlop Latex is important for people who care about the earth. It’s eco-conscious, made with sustainable sourcing practices. Chilling on a mattress that makes the body and mind feel great is the best way to unwind after a stressful day.

Loom & Leaf uses eco-friendly Visco memory foam, as well as a 30% soy and corn oil mix with polyurethane and dacron. They also use a polyester bonding agent. They do not use off-gas, but there is a small amount of off-gassing done at their supplier’s facility where the foam is made. It takes some steps toward being more eco-friendly, but doesn’t go as far as Awara in this regard.

Latex Layer

Awara mattresses are made with a 4” layer of organic latex. This is designed to contour and support any sleeping position. It also provides a responsive cushioning bounce and gives the sleeper proper spinal support. It’s a great way to be relieved, relaxing your body’s pressure points. That’s the difference between waking up achy or waking up feeling refreshed. 4” is a huge comfort layer of natural latex.

While the Loom & Leaf has a larger amount of total latex used because it isn’t a hybrid (including a 5.5” support base, making it 12” in total), no layer except the support base has more than 2.5” of foam. While that visco‑elastic memory foam is the “heart” of the mattress, and it is Certi-PUR-US certified, it doesn’t have the volume of the Awara mattress. It also has a transition loft pad made of 2” of foam and an enhanced conforming and cooling layer that is also 2”.

Euro Top

Awara spares no expense. It is topped by a lush, silky, GOTS-Certified organic cotton and wool blend. Its euro top is engineered for airflow, wicking away heat and giving an enhanced sleep experience. It’s supremely comfortable, soft, and helps regulate temperature. That design is exactly what sets it apart from other competitors. That extra softness doesn’t ever compromise the bottom layers of support. The Awara Euro Top is perfect for all sleep positions, excelling at comfort for back, side, AND stomach sleepers. All of the eco-friendly, quality materials come with an Awara guarantee -- the Euro Top is no exception.

Loom & Leaf also has an organic cotton layer, but it’s quilted with a ⅝” foam layer. That means that it doesn’t only use cotton and wool based material, but combines it with foam -- fine, but not always ideal for temperature regulation. That’s not the best for people who sleep a little hot.

Natural & Organic Latex

Organic Material

This is one area that Awara really excels. Their latex layer is made of 100% Rainforest Alliance certified latex. Not only that, but their knit cover is also made of organic material. That means they're both extremely breathable AND are better for the environment. This also means that they don’t have the same chemical smell that is often common in other mattresses that don’t use certified latex.


It’s unusual to have a trial period from a mattress company that lasts longer than 90 days, most other companies have a 90-100 day length for their trials. Awara is unusual in this regard. They give you three times the amount of time. Their trial length is a whopping 365 days -- a full year! That means you can take your mattress home and sleep on it throughout all four seasons to really get a feel for how your mattress sleeps throughout the year. That’s a must when you’re figuring out if this is your long term answer to which mattress to pick.

Loom & Leaf offers only a 120-night trial. While that is slightly above the industry average, it’s a full 8 months less than Awara. While that might be enough for some people, we suspect that most will want to have the reassurance of a longer trial period so that they can be sure before they make such a large investment in their mattress.


Free Shipping: Both Awara and Loom & Leaf offer free shipping. No hidden fees or charges crop up when you check out. The price is always as advertised for both.

Free Returns: Awara makes this a breeze. If you decide at any time during the 365-day trial that you are not satisfied with your mattress, you’re able to return it with no additional fees. Awara also allows you to have it donated or disposed of locally. That means minimal effort on your part to make the return. You can just contact the customer support team and they’ll walk you through the simple and easy process.

Loom & Leaf does not have a free return. If you return your Loom & Leaf you will receive a refund for the mattress but will be charged $99 for transportation costs. This also has to be within the 120 day trial period, which is significantly less time than Awara gives you. Technically you’d be paying $99, even if you’re unsatisfied with your bed.

Mattress Setup/Removal: Both companies offer mattress set up and delivery services as well as a mattress removal service. While Loom & Leaf offers free mattress setup to any room in your house and will remove up to two pieces of mattress furniture, Awara’s version of this costs $149 at checkout.


We get that a bed is a large investment for any family. It’s literally the most used piece of furniture in your home -- you’re sleeping on it for a third of your life. That’s also why we tend to spend the most money on mattresses, and why mattresses cost more than any other piece of furniture. That means it’s vitally important that you find a company with an excellent warranty. It’s about peace of mind -- you know that your bed will be built to last a lifetime.

Awara blows away current industry standards in terms of the warranty. While most companies offer a 10-year warranty, Awara offers a forever warranty that’s almost unheard of. While many mattresses really begin to break down after ten years (or less), the Forever warranty suggests that Awara has trust in the materials, craftsmanship, and durability of its mattress. If for any reason you find a defect in your mattress, Awara works with you to either replace the mattress or fix the problem -- depending on how long you’ve owned your mattress. That’s a forever guarantee that backs up what it promises!

On the other hand, Loom & Leaf offers a 15-year warranty. Sure, it does beat out the industry standard by five years -- but it falls well short of the forever warranty you get with an Awara. They do have something called the Fairness Replacement Option, but its rules are tricky and don’t always make immediate sense.

We Never Compromise


It’s obvious at this point that Awara really takes its organic labels seriously. That’s why we ensure that our materials are all certified. You can feel secure in the knowledge that our latex is certified by the eco-INSTITUT to be free of volatile organic compounds (commonly known as VOCs), persistent organic compounds, heavy metals, pesticides, formaldehyde, and phthalates. Not only that, but our latex also meets the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified organic cotton and wool. Additionally, we use no petroleum-based polyurethane foams or chemical adhesives, chemical fire retardants, or memory foams. That means that from top to bottom you’re getting a superior product -- for you and for the environment.

Loom & Leaf does not have GOTS certification on any of its materials. While they do use organic cotton for their covering and have visco elastic memory foam, these are not put to the strenuous tests which are required for the previously mentioned Awara certifications.

Natural Sleep

Find Better Sleep Naturally

While the Loom & Leaf may appeal to some customers, the obvious choice here is Awara. Awara uses hybrid technology to offer both 4” of supportive latex and 9” of premium coils. That means you’re getting 13”, the perfect height -- not too thick and not too thin. It also means that you’re getting two distinct layers of comfort and support.

At only 12” total, Loom & Leaf is altogether thinner, doesn’t use hybrid technology, and costs more money.

A queen size mattress from Loom & Leaf will run you $1,499. An Awara queen size mattress costs only $1,199. For context, most hybrid mattresses that match the Awara quality will cost nearly $2000. While Loom & Leaf is less than that, it’s not by much. Awara comes out way ahead in this regard.

Loom & Leaf 12" $1,499
Awara 13" $1,199

Awara Hybrid Mattress

Awara is a hybrid mattress made with Rainforest Alliance-Certified Dunlop latex featuring natural support that contours perfectly to your body for your best night’s sleep.